This is not clickbait, even though the article doesn’t have much to do with nudity and nipples. But it does have a lot to do with something that will cover up your nipples, so the title fits. Denim is a well-known and easily (for the most part) recognisable fabric. It’s used for many different garments and is a must-have for everyone in their wardrobes in whatever form it may come. It’s very useful for covering up and can be especially effective at covering up nipples.

Take the denim shirt as an example.

Over the years denim shirts have gone in and out of being vogue. They’ve been popular in the past decade and have risen to become a wardrobe staple. That’s with good reason. Denim shirts have a rugged character about them. They make people cooler in person than they seemed in your DMs. That is until they open their mouths and you realise their brains fire on one cylinder. At least they look good and have a great sense of style. They say God doesn’t give you everything.

Despite their popularity and appeal, Denim shirts are not worn very often. Sometimes they seem more niche than everyday wear. Maybe that’s because there’s a chicness that’s been attached to them, so that they’re only worn with a sense of occasion or to an occasion. Maybe people don’t look at them like they would a regular top or t-shirt – as an everyday go-to item. Whatever the case, they should get more love. Especially for the more mundane parts of life, like running errands or a casual Friday at work. They may be just what you need to make the mundane a little more exciting.

Denim shirts are versatile. They work with nearly everything and for nearly every purpose.

They work wonderfully on both sexes too.

They’re not overly masculine or feminine. They can be casual or dressed up with the right supporting cast. They aren’t fussy, nor are they difficult to style. They look good on everyone and make you stand out without drawing too much attention. How to wear them might be a little nerve-wracking, so here are a few tips to help ease any nerves.

One idea is to wear a denim shirt as an overshirt.

Layer it on top of a t-shirt, tank top, crop top, or whatever else you’ve decided to cover the top half of your body with. You could button the shirt up or show off what’s underneath it. When it’s a little chilly out, it can be layered under a jacket and on top of something else. Black and white go well with blue denim, but you could experiment with colour and see what else works for you. Roll up the sleeves too to lend a little edginess to your look.

A denim shirt can also be worn on its own.

It does not have to be worn as a layer, on top of or underneath something else. You could choose to go denim-on-denim, which can be a little challenging to pull off. Matching the top to the bottom may blow up in your face. The safe way to do it would be to match colour. That’s sometimes difficult because finding a matching hue can be difficult. If you’re not matching hues, finding colours that go well together might also be a challenge.

But it isn’t impossible. Experiment and mix and match until you find what works for you. Play around with the sizes as well and see how different sizes look and feel on you. Sizing varies from place to place and brand to brand, so a size up or a size down may fit better or look better.

Don’t be afraid to try out and experiment with denim shirts. It’s part of the joy of learning one’s style and what works for you. It may be awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning, but it pays off. As with everything else in this life, your imagination is your only limit. Play with it. When you’re done playing, rock that fit with your chest. Literally.