It’s Valentine’s Day and we thought we’d celebrate it by appreciating the beauty that’s around us. Seeing as there’s nothing more beautiful on this earth than a woman, we thought we’d love on them especially well today.

It’s hard being anyone in today’s world, let alone being a woman. We’ve come far in making the world a better and easier place for women, but we still have a ways to go. It can be hard for the beauty and wonder of something to be apparent in the face of hardship. But that doesn’t change the fact that diamonds in the rough are still diamonds.

What’s so special about women? Well, everything about them is special. Everyone’s different and part of the beauty of the world is in our idiosyncrasies. Our differences give colour to the world and the things we do. It’s the same with men and women. Women are different from men. Their differences make them unique and their uniqueness makes them special.

In what can we find what makes women special? It’s in their femininity. In their softness and grace. In the elegance of their bearing. In their kind and caring nature. In their loving countenance. Women can make anyone feel loved and appreciated better than men ever could. They bring beauty to places, situations, people, and to the world at large just by being there. Simply by existing. Men may create beauty, but they don’t embody it the way women do.

It’s in the way women carry themselves. In the way they walk and the way they talk. There’s nothing like strutting your stuff in high heels, especially if you’ve got great legs. It’s just not the same looking at a man in dress shoes. It’s in what they say and how they say it. A woman’s words can do more in subtlety than a man’s could in bravado. Her sultriness tempts and seduces, but her softness also tempers and soothes.

It’s in women’s minds. In the unique way in which they see the world. In the way they care for the little things, for the unnoticed and the forgotten. In the possibility they see in people and things. In the hope they have for the future. In the depth of their understanding of things, in how they see the souls of people and the essence of things around them.

It’s in women’s physical beauty. In shapes and forms perfect in variation. In bone structure sculpted by the gods. In curves great and small. In luscious hair falling down backs and shoulders like a waterfall. In million-dollar smiles and radiant eyes. In full lips and cute button noses. In long shapely legs and in the swell of those hips.

It’s in women’s character, in their personality. In their dogged determination to get things done. In their fiery outbursts and subdued sobs. In them wearing their hearts on their sleeves and letting their emotions be. In the passionate pursuit of their dreams and goals. In their commitments to the people and things they love. In their unselfish and unbridled love.

It’s in women’s strength. In their strength to bear children. In their strength to support. In their strength to persevere and endure. In their strength to overcome barriers and prejudices against them. In their strength to see the silver lining to every grey cloud. In their sacrifices, sometimes even of self.

We love how different women are. We love how unique they are. We love them for who they are and what they are. We love them for the beauty they add to the world, it would be a dull place without them. We love them for putting up with us men and we love them for helping them in ways only they can.

Women, here’s to you. Everything about you is beautiful. May you see it and believe it. We love you.